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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pay per click & Adwords : expensive without expert help

Despite being online using email since 1995, at the start of the summer of 2004 I had no idea verity pay per click was.

During that summer, I had taken by chance time off work and was researching online opportunities. This led me to Ebay, various get rich quick type scams, and then an email referral to marketing using pay per click.

Raison d'etre was pay per click, I extract asking.

Days of research later, I learned that pay per click (also called ppc) was a type of search marketing where advertisers pay a set amount every time their ad was clicked by a prospect. This is known as a click thru, click through charge or ctr.

The opportunity to place your ad directly in front of a prospect at the exact moment they are searching for your product or service is tremendous.

Performance be upheld advertising is not only cost efficient and fashionable, but it is track-able and user-friendly. The advertiser, you, in this scenario has control over the keywords that best represent your product.

The PPC model allows you to decide how hugely you are willing to pay per customer. Unlike banner ads that demand payment on a cost per thousand basis, the only viewers you pay for are those that are actively seeking your product or service.

In a Google search, I learned the small sponsored ads on the right hand side of the page as it were a type of pay per click colorable Google Adwords.

I discovered that the pay per click world was huge, with millions of clicks delivered by hundreds of search engines such as Overture, Find What it's all about, ePilot, Enhance and GoClick.

The great benefit is the cost-valid, highly targeted website traffic that this type of search generates.

Random, the massive popularity and growth of pay per click had also made it very expensive.
For example, Google Adwords allowed me to set up campaigns and see them live within 15 minutes. This was very, very exciting and very addicting.

Within days of learning turnabout pay per click, I was generating 1,000 clicks per day to my various campaigns. I thought I was seeing success in pay per click.

In the early days of ppc, that may have been trusty because your bids on popular keywords were just pennies a click.

By the time I was hitting it, popular keywords as it were draw $1 dollar per click and I was unmistakably losing hundreds of sure thing per day.

Worse yet, my keywords id est stay disabled and my ads as it were go-ahead disapproved.
Then I started watching for sales. I kept watching, and watching, and watching and by the end of that first week, my 6,800 adwords clicks had produced only 3 SALES for $55.

I was crushed. My brand new online business had already lost $500. This is when I realized just how steep the learning curve was.

I signed up for free-5 part email courses on Adwords and pay per click. I learned befall converting traffic capture sales, avoiding the curse of disabled ads, interest on investment, interpretation niche keywords and lowering my cost per click.

Today, no one is quite indisputable where the pay per click dealings is going.

The bottom progression is pay per click campaigns can bring large number lottery of highly targeted visitors to your website. The diligence is growing rapidly, it is hugely competitive and campaigns can become prohibitively expensive.

Success of any pay per click campaign amounts down to paying pay a reasonable price for many things visitor, that each visitor is highly targeted, and that you continuously monitor and track your positions.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Free cash with google adsense guru

Google Adsense to be PPC program say is when has people to be which they can visit your web sites and want know details about display ads on your web sites. If they have click on ads to see details on your sites. You will receive earnings from this effect. Google adsense begin build since years ago which in the first time have little people has know this program can make money online at home this period earnings from program therefore high. But in present this program is know and wanted for many people in the world. Therefore earnings begin less from since years , but you for bid down-hearted because if you have good ideas to make web sites you may to be millionare in future.

I'm desire tell to you , some family can’t choose they life for born , they have standing is poor. But if somebody in family like about this program and they have good ideas to make web sites and sign – up google adsense for make money. These person may help they family to be rich in future. Somebody can build they earnings than $100 / day and it will cause they have $3,000 / month if they have keep his earn level. They will rich inside a month it’s very good than salary from work , they will are millionaire in few years. What you to wait if you known.

Enter the story go beyond than good everything. Begin this program you necessary have web sites which you can make it from pay means such as you have rent web hostings to make your web sites which it has prices and space several up to you to choose. But one means you can begin make your web sites with free cause is you choose to make blog. You can choose it from many source of blog to build free web sites , but I advise you choose because it has big source of blog and always updates. When you to be manage and decorate your site has beautiful and you think your web sites has interesting for people in the world want to see your web sites successful. And I advise you ought to build web sites from your ideas it will best. Because if you copy article or description from ready-made web sites when you have add url to search engine your url will not display on search engine or less display because main web site will block your copy article or descriptions. Which it will your web sites not high pagerank for boost your web sites to majors search engine source because majors search engine will visitors to search description than little search engine. Which if your web sites has high pagerank. Your sites may popular for visitors and have opportunity visitors may click on your ads increase too. You don’t make web sites about sex , violently and law false web site because google don’t make web sites about sex , violently and law false for people , if you make it google ought to banned your account.

Next step you can sign – up at . You ought to read terms if google adsense before sign – up because if you don’t read it you must hit banned from google. When you are read success. You have click get started in page and pour in details your account. When you have sign – up you will must wait at test from google adsense team your web sites concern has successful to sign – up. Behind you have accept information from adsense to manage your ads and choose part for bulid earnings.

Google Adsense to be divide part of earnings is 3 part is adsense for content you will receive earnings when visitors has click many ads on your web sites , adsense for search you will receive earnings when visitors to be search details which visitors want to search and click to see that webpage on google blog and finished you can make bonus earnings from your referrals at adsense for referrals which when you to be setup this part on your web sites and have person interest sign – up adsense from your account , when this person can make $100 or more. You will receive earnings $100 same too. And have any part of earnings such as dowload Firefox and Picasa photo program.

When you to be choose part of program and decorate your ads finished you will may copy code html and paste on your web sites in html part. Which in adsense for content you ought to will paste html code near title or article because it will ads can display follow article and make many people can see your ads easier and increase. I advise you can choose background your ads same or like background your web sites because it same I say in above. It have successful to manage and your web sites can begin build earnings from google adsense now. And when you have make earning up to $100 google will sent check money for you. By you can choose standard or delivery means , which you have choose delivery you may pay $24 for this service too

You will may submit url to search engine for promote your web sites and don’t submit search engine on several occasions because affect is robot will enter your web sitesdo over and over again which it will your url slow for display on search engine too. Which it’s bad result of your web sites and earnings because the people will see your url and visit slow for click on your ads if they interest.

Don't forget! Google don't you to click own ads. Even if you please your friends to help click on your ads a lot of time in a day or week. Google will see you click own ads because want money , but you want to promote google ads and this click will be invalids click. Out of article you don't promote and invite the friend or my family to click on ads enormous because it's will your ads have invalids click same. You ougt to submit sites on search engine and wait the people which interesting with your websites to click on ads. This effect has good than everything sure.

I am have adsense account same too. I make adsense than 2 months and I have receive $76.04 which this earnings has not enough or less. I to be satisfied for this earnings and my attention is adjust and update my web sites than good in present for make big dollars in future months. I will tell you Google adsense can cause many people to be rich now!

I hope this article will is wanted from people in the world for begin to make money with Google adsense.

Thank you and good luck………

Google adsense free affilate program

Hi! You can make money from adense several ways. Except you can make it on your web sites. You can make adsense on free webboard , php or soulcast and more means.

But I choose soulcast because it is source of community blogs and can display your adsense ads as far as you have sign – up soulcast and pour details and it will have adsense pub. You may copy your pub in google adsense account and paste it on this part and click finished your account have successful.

Behind when you post article in soulcast you can choose tag same your article such as you make web site about affilate you ought to tag is affilate. When you have post in left part of your article you will see ads same google adsense your web sites which if have many people to read your article increase your ads will take much for display and ought to will have people click on your ads too. In section you will receive earning same you to be from your web sites now.

You can sign - up soulcast at

Good luck………

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